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Mark Freeman   Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority

On behalf of everyone in the Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority, let me welcome you to our department’s website. The Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority is comprised of 71 sworn and 4 civilian members who are highly capable and proud of their professions. The Operations Division provides both fire suppression and emergency medical services comprised of ambulances and paramedics. Our Fire Prevention Division provides public education services, inspection services, plan checking, post-incident fire investigation, and a juvenile firesetter diversion program. The Administrative Services Division provides a full range of data analysis, clerical support and ambulance billing services. The Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority has proudly served the community since 2002, and we look forward to the many future challenges and opportunities we will face.

The technological advancements of this web page give us another method of sharing information and providing quality customer service to the citizens who use our variety of services. We are eager to answer your inquiries and hear your ideas and suggestions. We hope that the information on our website proves useful to you and that it will answer most of your questions about the Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority. Please feel free to browse through our links, and please take time to send a message if you would like. This resource is just one more convenient way to say “Hello” and allow you the opportunity to communicate with us. We want to be accessible and helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

If I can help you with any of your questions, please feel free to contact me directly. You can email ( or call my direct line at (707) 933-2303.

Stay safe,9-1-1 Number

Mark Freeman
Fire Chief



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